Introducing Sunexo Renewable Review Series

According to the Energy Information Administration, up until around the mid-1800's, wood provided nearly all of the North America's energy needs. As society and technology advanced, so did our sole dependence on wood, and our growing reliance on coal, petroleum, and natural gas. As we now progress into the 21st century we are gradually making a shift in how we use energy via biomass, hydroelectricity, solar, wind, tidal/wave, and geothermal alternatives.  


Renewable Energy is a hot topic across the global energy spheres these days. Both the United States and Canada are in the top 10 countries for renewable energy production, alongside other sustainable areas like China, Germany, UK, and Brazil. Between solar, hydroelectric dams, wind farms, geothermal, and tidal energy, technology is moving forward and alternative forms of clean energy are being discovered at a growing rate. North America has had a huge role in leading this growing conversation, scaling new technology, and supplying the booming job demands, and we are excited to watch this sustainable energy boom evolve into great things.  


Stakeholders impacted by renewable projects have been receptive to the advances in new energy alternatives, but all projects have concerns, risks, delays, and long-term compromises which directly impacted stakeholders will be burdened with. Sunexo Solutions wants to help bring awareness to these trending topics, so we will be sharing case studies and insights surrounding projects moving the needle forward towards global sustainability in a new series called Sunexo Renewable Review. As IRIS continues to be implemented in stakeholder management for renewable projects of this nature across North America, we are fascinated at how communities, governments, proponents and other organizations are accommodating to a shifting focus to renewables and we value contributing to this conversation.   


Over the next few months will begin highlighting the best regions to locate renewable energy neighborhoods, find clean energy jobs, examples and updates on various clean energy project implementations and stakeholder engagement strategies, and how this growing clean energy sector has made positive socio-economic impacts across North America. 


Join Sunexo Solutions as we review these topics in greater detail over the next few months. For more information about implementing IRIS in your next stakeholder management project, contact us for a demo here.

Kristen Riley