IRIS Roles: Field Personnel

Stakeholder engagement involves individuals from throughout an organization. To facilitate using a stakeholder management system such as IRIS, we have identified three roles typically found within organizations based on standard stakeholder engagement workflows. These roles are not mutually exclusive. Depending on the size of an organization, one individual might be responsible for one or all of these functions. These roles include field personnel, information managers, and leadership. This article will focus on field personnel.


Field Personnel

When it comes to interacting with stakeholders, no member of your team has more experience with it than field personnel. Before any project begins, they are out on the ground having conversations and gathering information about the community. They listen to concerns that stakeholders may have and explain how projects could impact them. Chances are the field personnel will be the only team members the stakeholders will meet.

This time spent within the community is crucial to building strong, long-lasting relationships that will make or break any project that will be presented to them. IRIS offers an easy to use stakeholder management platform that doesn’t require extensive training. This translates to more time for stakeholder engagement. In fact, a recent client analysis found that their field personnel saved 27% on the time entering activity details when they switched to IRIS.


Easily Collecting Information

When the field personnel are interacting with stakeholders, it's important that all the information they collect is accurate. Incorrect information could lead to regulatory issues in the future but also breaks the trust that was built between the field personnel and stakeholders. For example, when organizations do not follow up with stakeholders with concerns because the concerns were not captured and therefore followed up on. IRIS has various features which allow field personnel to capture the correct details easily with essentially no training.

The most common option for this is the digital record of contact (ROC) feature in IRIS. It is an easy to fill out pdf document which once completed is simply emailed into IRIS to gather stakeholder information quickly and accurately. Using these forms will lead to consistent documentation across all interactions. Also, emails can be simply forwarded or cc’d to IRIS projects and activities will be created in IRIS with the all the details from the email.


Using IRIS

If your organization is looking for a scalable stakeholder management platform for your field personnel, leadership team, and/or information analysts, let IRIS help you save time and work with stakeholders more efficiently. IRIS allows you to focus on what's most important: building trustworthy relationships with the community and progressing your project forward. Learn more here.

Kristen Riley