IRIS Roles: Information Managers

Stakeholder engagement involves individuals from throughout an organization. To facilitate using a stakeholder management system such as IRIS, we have identified three roles typically found within organizations based on standard stakeholder engagement workflows. These roles are not mutually exclusive. Depending on the size of an organization, one individual might be responsible for one or all of these functions. These roles include field personnel, information managers, and leadership. This article will focus on information managers. 



Information Managers

As activities, interests and other information about stakeholders are recorded, information managers are responsible for cleaning up, organizing and maintaining this information in IRIS. Ideally, this information should be reviewed regularly, or at a minimum, before reports are created to ensure accuracy. 

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Organizing Information

Because each organization may have different requirements for how stakeholder information is organized, features in IRIS are designed to support unique needs. For example, distribution lists and stakeholder group categories allow information managers to organize stakeholder information in a variety of ways to fit your organization’s needs. This ensures IRIS reflects client’s needs as opposed to organizations changing their requirements to fit software design constraints. 

Cleaning up Information

It is critical that all the information gathered is accurate. Once the information has been cleaned up and organized, the information managers can begin reviewing the accuracy, context, and consistency of the information. This is done by running reports, reviewing and then amending information which field personnel submitted through methods such as digital ROCs or email. IRIS is designed to make this process more efficient. If fact, a recent client survey found that their team had a 55% time savings in editing stakeholder information when they switched to IRIS. 


Using IRIS

If your organization is looking for a scalable stakeholder management platform for your field personnel, leadership team, and/or information analysts, let IRIS help you save time and work with stakeholders more efficiently. IRIS allows you to focus on what's most important: building trustworthy relationships with the community and progressing your project forward. Learn more here.

Kristen Riley