Sunexo Renewable Review: Top 10 States To Find Clean Energy Jobs

Millions of people across the United States and Canada are currently employed by the solar, wind and the renewable energy industry. As renewable energy technology moves forward, countless projects and jobs are being created as we speak and these industries are actively seeking to fill this growing demand.  

One of the tallest wind turbines in Germany. Source:  Wind Power Engineering

One of the tallest wind turbines in Germany. Source: Wind Power Engineering

Solar energy jobs increased by 17 times greater than the overall economy in 2016 and are one of the fastest growing job sectors in the United States. Can you guess what job sector is expected to beat solar at this title over the next ten years? Wind turbine technicians. Sunexo Solutions is proud to partner with municipalities and various energy projects across North America. IRIS is in place for countless renewable energy projects and helps the management and field technicians the ability to track and resolve stakeholder concerns, encourage community involvement, and effectively maintain this growing renewable project demand. Here is a list of the top 10 States where renewable energy jobs are currently located.  


Sunexo will continue to partner with renewable energy proponents with our stakeholder management software, IRIS, and help minimize the non-technical risk for these projects by improving the management of their stakeholders.  

For more information about implementing our IRIS Software in your next stakeholder management project, contact us for a demo here.

Kristen Riley