Sunexo Solutions Visits Vancouver, BC 

Last weekend Sunexo Solutions' President, Chad, was invited to spend the extended holiday yachting with our client, Communica. Alongside Communica, the trip was full of some of the industry's biggest influencers, Merjent, Stantex, Imperial Oil, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Enbridge, & Imperial. It was an awe-inspiring time full of relaxation, good music, great food, and a record-breaking offshore firework show, courtesy of Honda's Celebration of Light festival.   


After the fireworks had fizzled away for the weekend, Chad made one final stop to visit his friends at HootSuite Headquarters. HootSuite is a social media management platform used by a variety of industries and incorporated into a large part of Sunexo Solution's long term social marketing strategies. 



HootSuite has two offices headquartered in the heart of Vancouver. HootSuite has set an amazing example for growing healthy workspace environments to foster employee satisfaction. The open office concept is definitely something to admire and their organic, cold-pressed juice options and picnic-style lunchroom options set the tone for a relaxing, but an equally productive day at the office.


The goal in the open ski-lodge themed design was to provide a fun space for employees to work from wherever they choose with a myriad of seating options, from plaid covered benches to standard chairs, to faux-fur covered bean bags, the spaces available for creative brainstorming and collaboration are endless. Their office is also pet-friendly, check out our new furry friend, Warf, pictured below. Bonus Points: this office space wouldn't be complete without a yoga studio, for meditating on break time, and a keg on tap, for optimal team building experiences during happy hour. 


Sunexo spent some time talking about business, project management, and brand strategy and we look forward to continuing to work with HootSuite going forward.  

Kristen Riley