Compliance Assurance Report


Over the summer months, we were busy at Sunexo. Our business development team conducted a survey of professionals in stakeholder engagement and commitment management roles to:

   •     Measure their use of business intelligence

   •     Determine the level of communication across compliance assurance teams

   •     Gain perspective on workflows, resource allocation, risk management and common challenges or frustrations

   •     Start a conversation with prospective organizations about Sunexo Solutions in the context of real stories from compliance assurance professionals

We collected and visualized the survey results using the IRIS Business Intelligence system and put it together in a detailed report. The Compliance Assurance Report considers how:


   •     Compliance assurance integrates with risk management programs

   •     Resources are allocated for compliance assurance throughout project lifecycles

   •     Technology is used for compliance assurance throughout organizations

   •     Business intelligence is used in compliance assurance

Most importantly, the report provides insight into challenges and frustrations that are shared across organizations within the compliance assurance community.

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Kristen Riley