Automate with IRIS Email


IRIS is a cloud based software for managing engagements with stakeholders.

It's used by organizations in various industries including: urban development, power, energy, mining, waste, infrastructure and public policy.

A key feature of IRIS is the ability to email activities directly into the system.

Users simply send emails to IRIS generated project email addresses. Activities are then generated in IRIS. Key details are automatically pulled from the email and generated in IRIS And the email text is converted into a PDF file and saved in IRIS along with any attachments.

Users then receive an email confirmation which they can review for accuracy. Using email eliminates the need for manual entry. This makes it easy to capture details from all team members and contractors.

Any email platform, including gmail or outlook, will work.

Emailing IRIS allows organizations to easily backup their stakeholder activities. Interested in trying IRIS? Visit: