Live with Stakeholder Information Leaders: Strategies for Preparing to Track Stakeholder Information

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When: October 18 12:00 MST

Live Video
20 mins

Properly preparing to manage stakeholder information around a project or initiative is essential to successfully ensuring project success by mitigating the non-technical risk and acting on better information during engagement.


Join our live video discussion with top experts in the field with experience in working with dozens of proponents and hundreds of projects across multiple industries. Learn:

  • Current trends around how stakeholders’ information is managed.

  • Strategies, tactics, and tools to effectively prepare to manage stakeholders’ information.

  • How proactive preparation can improve collaboration between team members and save time later in a project.



Chad Ford

Sunexo Solutions


Greg Gutowski

Manager, SIM
Communica Public Affaris


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Stephan Luies

Senior Analyst - SIM
Communica Public Affairs