Celebrating Our Success During Stampede in Calgary


by Chelsea Tan

-2 min read-

On July 9th, Sunexo Solutions hosted a group of friends and colleagues at the 21st annual Big Guns Stampede Breakfast, which celebrates the Energy and Service sector in Western Canada, at the Calgary Stampede. Featuring live country music and a Stampede themed breakfast followed by cocktails and beer-The Big Four Roadhouse on the Stampede grounds was in full swing on a Tuesday morning.  

"We’re so lucky to work with such impressive and talented people in Calgary. This is a great opportunity to show our thanks and get to know people outside of the office!," Sunexo President Chad Ford commented when asked what he was looking forward to the most at the event. 

Sunexo Solutions, a Calgary-based tech company whose software helps organizations manage their stakeholder engagement welcomed guests from Husky Energy, Imperial Oil, Business in Calgary Magazine, Orong Consulting LTD, Communica, PwC, and other members of the energy and service industry.  

Just because they had their cowboy boots on didn’t mean they'd stop talking shop. 

I asked Dan Themig, co-founder of the global enterprise Packers Plus and CEO of Orong Consulting Ltd how a company can build and retain stakeholder relationships. 

"I think the key thing is that people need to understand everybody's roles and I'm a big believer that clarity and shining a light on everything that's going on is key, especially on things that really are significant to the stakeholders."  

Greg Gutowski of Communica, the largest stakeholder and Indigenous engagement specialist firm in Western Canada- and a client of Sunexo, chatted about the importance of maintaining clean data in dealing with multiple stakeholders.  

"We use Sunexo's software, IRIS, to track the engagement of our clients. Every time our clients talk to somebody impacted by their projects, their concerns need to be tracked so that they can prove to the regulatory body that they're trying to resolve those concerns." 

Jason Wang, an associate at Borden Ladner Gervais specializing in corporate and securities law touted the use of software such as IRIS in streamlining the regulatory process.  

"Chad's company adds a layer of protection that help companies sail smoothly, especially ones that see growth." 

Sunexo Solutions is in the business of helping project teams make better decisions by collecting and analyzing stakeholder data. Founded in 2012, the Calgary-based tech company works primarily with clients across North America to support energy, resource development and infrastructure projects- however they have global ambitions. As Iain Shaw, Sunexo’s CTO stated, “We are driven to become global leaders in the mitigation of non-technical project risk through the scaling of our proven and ready-to-go software solution.”

Lisa Bzdurreck, an Instructor in the Energy Asset Management program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) sees the value. “We will be implementing IRIS software training in both the Energy Asset Management program, and Oil and Gas Regulations Certificate, starting in the fall semester.  SAIT students will  benefit greatly from using this top industry software solution- especially given that improper stakeholder management has had a decidedly negative impact on capital projects in the resources sector.”

Chad Ford