Features Overview

Built over five years in collaboration with our clients, the IRIS software is designed to allow organizations to better manage their relationships with stakeholders. 

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Email Directly Into Iris

Instead of scratching a note on a napkin to be entered into a database later, users in the field can open an email, type in a quick note and send it to a unique project address. The email is uploaded as a pdf along with all attachments to save users time.

Emailing directly into IRIS is a time saver for anyone interacting with stakeholders in the field. It cuts down on paperwork that could be lost and allows for real-time data collection, so stakeholder activities are captured immediately. 

Digital Record of Contacts

Have a custom digital record of contact created or take advantage of existing templates. Then simply have field users fill out the easy to use pdf document and email them into IRIS to save time on training and data entry.

Digital ROCs save time on data entry and require minimal training. This allows for maximum adoption rate among team members and more time building relationships with stakeholders. 

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Project Specific Writing Fields

Record your interactions and commitments in unique ways depending on the specific initiatives or projects. By selecting unique writing fields for each project or initiative, organizations can increase user adoption while accurately capturing information for different reporting requirements.

No two projects are alike. Your organization’s project needs will change over time and the data collected might not be the same as previous initiatives. Project-specific fields allow your team to match stakeholder engagement with different fields so you can meet you internal and regulatory requirements. 

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Accurately track concerns, inquiries, and follow-ups in a manner which empowers your team to respond to stakeholders quickly and report on what activities were taken to resolve specific stakeholder interests.

By tracking concerns, inquiries, and follow-ups, your team better manages your interactions with stakeholders. You can see what actions were taken to address or resolve specific stakeholder interests.


IRIS is relationship based. Properly manage stakeholders by all their roles in the community.


Create and track specific questionnaire forms for different initiatives to enable your organization to be able to quickly and accurately analyze and react to public input. Ideal for open house feedback forms and public awareness campaigns.

Enabling your team to accurately record custom questions and responses from stakeholders and better track and analyze the public climate around your project. 

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Distribution Lists

Organize stakeholders in various ways to quickly report on or prepare mass communications.

Materials Delivered

Track and report on specific documents which were distributed to stakeholders. Ideal for public awareness campaigns and project information packages.

Tracking the distribution of materials to stakeholders ensures those who require project information receives it. This can also be used for regulatory approval.


Freeze Function

Prevent mistakes by stopping changes to specific activities while your project is open. 

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Scalable Activity Based Pricing

IRIS allows for unlimited users and projects to support scalability. Pay only for what you use with activity based pricing

Data Architecture

IRIS has been developed based on industry best practices to reflect the on-the-ground reality of stakeholder engagement activities.